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Services | Income Tax Preparation

Free Low Income Tax Preparation

The Income Tax Preparation Program is offered free to low-income residents of Shelburne County. Through The Canada Revenue Agency Community Volunteer Income Tax Program Partnership and Co-operation, our volunteers received training.

 Many seniors do not know how to complete their income tax and benefit return and cannot afford to pay for assistance. Our volunteers provide this important community service to individuals with low incomes and simple tax returns.

Please call 1-800-565-0397 to book an appointment.

Drop off and Pick-up locations:

  • Barrington Visitor Information Centre
  • Shelburne Library
  • Clark’s Harbour Town Office
  • Lockeport Town Office

The “low income threshold” is as follows:

  • Single person: $30,000
  • Couple and family: $40,000
  • Adult and one dependant: $35,000

Thank you to our volunteers who helped us get through another year!