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The Friendly Visiting Program

The project consists of a series of bus tours in and around Shelburne County, and other parts of the south shore region.  It is an opportunity for elderly people to interact with one another on a social level, to get a nutritious lunch and to enjoy visiting and experiencing different places of Shelburne County and surrounding areas.  The project will help enable these seniors to stay connected with their community, to encourage better health by warding off the effects of isolation and depression, and help them connect with each other and other groups and organizations within their own communities.

These bus tours are educational, culturally sensitive, and increase awareness towards exercise and good nutrition.  They will have an opportunity to visit museums, take short walks, and participate in events which would be of particular interest.  Each tour will be themed, such as along the French Shore with stops at Frenchy stores and antique stores, a Halloween tour, or a tour through the Liverpool and Chester area.  A knowledgeable tour guide will be on the bus to give short talks and answer any questions.

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