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Age Advantage Plus (Targeted Initiative for Older Workers) Open for applications

The Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia have signed a new agreement for the delivery of the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (Age Advantage Plus). The new agreement has a total value of 2.8 million dollars and will expire on March 31, 2017.

Applications for programs to help older workers re-enter the workforce in Nova Scotia are being accepted through the government’s Age Advantage Plus program. Applications will be accepted from community-based organizations from August 18th, 2014 until September 12, 2014.

New this year: Sponsors have the opportunity to apply for multi-year projects with multiple intakes and must end by the expiry date of the agreement March 31, 2017.  Details about each project per fiscal year must be described in the application

Age Advantage Plus is funded through the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW), a federal-provincial partnership developed to aid unemployed older workers living in a vulnerable community with a population of 250,000 or less.  A vulnerable community is defined as a community:

  • With ongoing high unemployment
  • In which 20% of the labour force is dependent of a single employer or a single industry and the employer or industry has experienced significant downsizing or a closure
  • Where employers are unable to fulfill their demand for workers
  • Where the skills of workers do not match those required by the employer or industry

Age Advantage Plus targets individuals ages 55-64, and prepares older workers for new and immediate employment in their communities. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education works in partnership with community-based organizations to develop and deliver Age Advantage Plus programs. These organizations plan, design and implement projects that respond to the needs of older workers and the community.

Community organizations interested in applying for program funding may visit www.gov.ns.ca/employmentnovascotia/tiow and log into the LaMPSS site (Labour Market Programs Support System). 

For further information about Older Worker Initiatives in Nova Scotia, please contact:

Employment Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education
Attn: Age Advantage Plus (Targeted Initiative for Older Workers)
Toll free 1-877-223-0888

Or email: ageadvantageplus@gov.ns.ca